A Few Important Skid Steer Attachments

A skid steer is one of the most versatile machines you can own. If you do any type of outdoor work or if you have a large warehouse or other building, it is an invaluable asset. But what make a skid steer such an important part of your equipment is the different attachments. No matter what the job, there is an attachment to make it easier. Here are just a few you should consider.


The forklift attachment for a skid steer can be used inside and/or outside. Use it for placing or removing crates or pallets of materials or products onto or off shelving in a warehouse. If large, bulky items need to be moved around in the warehouse or store or need to be loaded onto a customer’s truck, the forklift attachment makes the job easier.

Outside, the attachment moves building and landscaping materials with ease. Skid steers are smaller than many other construction vehicles, so if your construction site has limited space, a skid steer with a forklift will be helpful.


Whether you have a large warehouse that needs to be swept, a parking lot that needs cleaned or a construction site covered in dead, loose vegetation that needs to be removed, the broom attachment is the tool for the job. A bristle-covered cylinder works similar to the beater bar in the power-head of a vacuum cleaner. To make the job easier, a bucket can be attached behind the broom to pick up everything.

Stump Shredder

When a tree is cut down, the stump remains. Even if it is just a few inches high, it can present a problem in the landscaping, impair construction, or pose plumbing problems. Stumps and the connected roots are not always easy to remove. The stump shredder attachment is a big help. The shredder turns the stump itself into mulch, loosening the roots as well so they are no longer a problem.


Digging the holes for fence posts takes a lot of time and energy. The auger attachment can be used to get each hole dug in just a minute or so. This not only saves you time and gets the fence erected quicker, but it also prevents a possible injury to your back, shoulders and arms.

Augers are useful for digging other types of holes too. They come in quite handy if you need to have a well dug or other vertical pipes put in place. You may want to have a few different types of augers if you will be digging into different materials. In addition, if you need to dig a deep hole, you can purchase auger extensions that allows you to dig as deep as needed.


Any time need to lay pipes or wires or get to some already installed, you are going to be glad to have the trenching attachment. This tool allows you to create a trench as deep as you need it to be to protect the pipes or wires from freezing or damage due to heavy equipment driving over them.


Blade attachments are useful for a number of different tasks. They can be used for bulldozing or pushing materials that are not easily picked up and moved. Once an area has been excavated, a blade is used to level it. A blade also pushes snow off a parking lot and then scrapes any ice from the area.

When you have a big or heavy job to do, contact Steve’s Equipment Attachments before you start manually. We want to help you find a way to get the job done faster and easier. Together, we will find the right attachment for your skid steer to make sure this happens.

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